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Concentrated refill 30 mL Marigolds, Nettle & Elderberry - AIAKO

Concentrated refill 30 mL Marigolds, Nettle & Elderberry - AIAKO

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🌱Foliar fertilizer spray
🌱Concentrate to dilute
🌱Made in France



The 30 mL concentrated refill allows you to refill a 500 mL bottle at home in less than a minute and without equipment.

“Marigold, Nettle & Elderberry” from AÏAKO is a blend of organic plants intended to stimulate plant growth.

The medicinal plants contained in “Nettle, Burdock & Dandelion”, thanks to their active ingredients, promote the harmonious development of your plants, whether indoor plants, your pleasure garden or your vegetable garden.

🌿 Usable in Organic Agriculture in accordance with EC Regulation 834-2007.

All organic plant extracts are made in France with local organic plants, in a short circuit.

🌍 Do you already have your empty 500 mL spray? This concentrated 30mL refill, once diluted, will allow you to make a new spray at home while carrying less water. It’s good for the planet… and for your wallet!


Spring water, grain alcohol*, Marigold* (Calendula officinalis), Nettle* (Utrica dioica), Elderberry* (Sambuscus nigra).

*Ingredients from Organic Farming



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